They are a first stage [ of GB500TT/400TT ] type catalog, and the advertisement of a special edition.


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1907. The Isle of Man TT race started.
Tourist Trophy omits in TT. Single cylinder
the winner of a race -- the trophy -- giving
ꂽ. In Europe, it is a motor cyclist a tourist.
It calls. Such a tourist et al. becomes a subject and this race is open.
It was held. Those days, all also of a management person, a participant, and a spectator are a rider.
It was self. And it is still Europe every place to a single.
Exhaust sound is sounded and it gathers to the Isle of Man. A tourist's et al. summer
It is starting. 1985. Honda is beat of the time of "now."
500-onroad big single GB400 two which sounds
A list trophy is announced. The heat of TT race is caused.
RACER to which the newest technology breathes in a trad form
TRADITION. It presents to the gourmet et al. who investigates true delicious.

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